Truth Printing


Update during GYC 2012

As I have been telling people at GYC 2012 the current events and what has happened over the last couple of years, I realized that I need also to update those that visit the website. There has been much that has happened and I will tell some of the stories here on the blog.

More About the Stitcher

Progress is taking place on setting up the Harris Multibind 250 (the stitching-line).

God's Leading & Providing

Just over a year ago, I saw the need of establishing a small printing ministry for the purpose of printing truth-filled tracts and booklets.

The website is up!

The Truth Printing website is online, and I will shortly add more information about the tracts and pamphlets that are available.

I want to keep you informed about what is currently happening and the projects I am working on. Also I will post stories of how God has lead in this ministry and the blessing He has given. For there is a story behind each piece of printing equipment.

May God bless all of you as we work in these final hours of earths history.

Kenton Rogers